Living Large for God: Developing Patience and Perseverance in an Impatient World

Developing Patience and Perseverance

The World Moves At The Speed of Me, but God’s Timing is Always Perfect

In the first of her Living Large for God series, Susan Lee addresses the challenge of maintaining patience and perseverance in a world obsessed with instant gratification. With all the earthly pressure to have it all now, it seems like as soon as you set a goal, obstacles get in the way to keep you from achieving it and to try your patience toward others, the situation, and even yourself.

Sue tells biblical stories of people who experienced the same struggles with patience as we do and provides practical exercises, tips and techniques for developing more patience. In addition, Living Large for God: Developing Patience and Perseverance in an Impatient World shares God’s promises to help develop a more patient spirit, even when times are troubling and challenging.

Specifically, you will discover how to:

Develop better relationships by finding strategies that work to cope with difficult people

Reduce impulsive outbursts and complaints throughout the day

Maintain hope and stay productive toward achieving your goals in God’s perfect timing

Trust in God and stay optimistic during your most trying times

Avoid the penalties of impatience such as high blood pressure, stress, and frustration

“Susan Lee interweaves colorful present day and biblical examples to demonstrate our profound need to develop patience and perseverance during our brief time on earth. She doesn’t just artfully tell us the stories — she also carefully shows how we can apply principles from each story to our own lives, thereby strengthening our character and becoming stronger men and women of faith.” — Jory Fischer

“Susan offers a much needed approach to experiencing peace in a chaotic world. ” — Anonymous

“This book is full of insightful examples from biblical characters, Scripture verses and life applicable suggestions for success in our endeavor to be like Christ – our ultimate example of active patience!” — Tonia C. Harrison

“Susan Lee takes the time and thought to help us develop a more critical view of these situations, gain the patience that we need, and links our modern problems to those faced in ancient times” — Jake Darien

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